what are the i-phone’s secrets?

Now a days everyone has Iphone. Using Iphone is like showing there status and brand image to others, but so many Iphone users don’t know about some of short cuts and hidden secret features, so this may help them how to use shortcut and some hidden secrets in Iphone.

# Make a passcode with letters instead of numbers:

Step 1: go to setting -> general -> passcode lock.

Step 2: Turn off the setting that says “Simple Passcode.”
Step 3:  A screen will appear prompting you to change your passcode, along with a  full QWERTY keyboard. The next time you unlock your phone, the keyboard will appear instead of just the number pad.

Sharein.org Iphone passcode

# Have siri read your email out loud:

 Tell Siri, “Read my email,” and she’ll oblige. You’ll hear the sender’s name, the date/time of the message, and the subject line.

You can also instruct her to “read my latest email” or ask, “Do I have email from [person]?” 

Sharein.org Iphone Siri Redding mails

# See timestamps on your texts:

For a while, the fact that I couldn’t see when my Imessages were sent drove me crazy. Turns out there’s a stupidly easy way to view timestamps of your messages in iOS 7: touch and drag message bubbles to the left.

Sharein.org Iphone TimeStamp

# See which planes are overhead:

Ask Siri, “What flights are above me?” or just say, “Planes overhead,” and she’ll pull up a chart featuring each plane’s flight number, its altitude, and its angle. (It took my Siri about 30 seconds to pull up this data, so be patient!).

# Shake your Iphone to delete the text:

Did you change your mind about that text you just tapped in? Shake your phone, and an “Undo Typing” box will come up. If you change your mind after you’ve hit Undo, shake your phone again for a handy “Redo Typing” box.

# Easily see a more detailed view of your calendar:

Turn your phone horizontally when in your calendar app to see a more detailed view of your appointments.

Sharein.org Iphone Calander

# To turn on caps lock, double tap the “shift key”:

This is so simple to do, yet totally changed my ability to CONVEY HOW EXCITED OR MAD I WAS to my friends without having to hit the shift arrow every time.

Note:  If this isn’t working for you, go to Settings>General>Keyboard and make sure Caps Lock is enabled.

# Use your phone as a level to hang pictures, etc:

Swipe left in the Compass app to access a level. Pretty cool.

# Turn off all the in-app purchases with one button:

This is especially useful if you have kids, or have zero self-control when it comes to Candy Crush. Go to Settings > General > Restrictions, Enable Restrictions, and scroll down to disable In-App Purchases.

# Take a burst of photos at once:

Hold down the shutter button in your camera and you’ll automatically activate burst mode. Your phone will capture a ton of photos in rapid succession and save them to your camera: a great way to guarantee you’ll get a profile pic to your liking.

# Type an em-dash:

Hold down the dash on your keyboard to get a super-cool menu of dashes, which you can use to please all your grammar stickler friends.

Sharein.org Iphone Em-Dash

# Take a photo with the volume button:

Instead of using the touch circle to snap your selfie, hit the “up” volume button. It lets you hold the phone — and camera — more steadily.

# Or use your earbuds:

Press the center of the headphone button when in the camera app to snap a pic. Also great for selfies.

# Add custom vibration :

In your Contacts app, you can enable different vibration patterns for different contacts. This is particularly handy if you keep your phone in your pocket, so you can distinguish hands-free between a pesky email from your boss and a fun text. 

# Put your phone in airplane mode and it charge twice as fast:

Great for when you need to charge your phone quickly at a bar.

Sharein.org Iphone Airplane Mode



This are few step you must know that you can do with your Iphone , so read and apply to make your phone interesting.