WhatsApp is one of the best ways to transfer files between two smartphones over the internet. However it has certain limitations.

  • Using whatsapp only audio, image or a video files can be transferred to the recipient. There is no provision to share any other file from the Android file system like a Word or a PDF document.
  • WhatsApp compresses the image resolution before sharing the file. The image will look fine when viewing on the device, but when you view it on a computer you will notice the quality of the image to be downgraded.
  • The maximum size of the video that can be transferred using WhatsApp is 12 MB. We have some tricks in the past using which we can compress  an HD video but that reduces the original quality too. Moreover, splitting a video file on the device is not an easy task to everyone.
  • cloudsend

CloudSend is an Android app that can help you counter the problems  above. It requires a Dropbox account. CloudSend can transfer any file on your device to anyone using WhatsApp with Dropbox as the intermediary.


Before downloading CloudSend on your Android device, download and install the official Dropbox app for Android if you don’t already have it. Open the Dropbox app and log in to your account. Having done that, you can go ahead and install CloudSend.

cloudsend to share files on Android (6)

When you login to CloudSend, it will give you a quick overview of the app. To open the Dropbox authorization page swipe your screen from right to left. Here you will have to grant CloudSend access over your Dropbox account but unlike other apps which ask access over all the folders, this app creates a separate CloudSend folder for the task and just complete control over it. CloudSend will use the Dropbox app installed on your device to ask for authorization and once it’s done, you can go ahead and close it.

cloudsend to share files on Android (5)cloudsend to share files on Android (4)

Navigate to the file you want to transfer. If you like to transfer a file from the gallery, open the app. If the file you want to transfer is a non-gallery item (like documents, archive, etc.) you can open your Android file manager. Long-tap on the file and select Share.

cloudsend to share files on Android (3)

Select CloudSend as sharing app and wait for the app to upload the file to the Dropbox account. The app has no ads and doesn’t have any upload limitation. The upload time will depend upon the size of the file you are transferring and the connection speed. When the file has been uploaded successfully, the app will give you a notification.

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Now you can tap the notification and wait for the program to generate a sharing link. This link can shared via WhatsApp, email, SMS and any other text sharing app you have installed on your Android device. The recipient will receive the link from where he can preview and download the file using the browser.

cloudsend Android

This is how you can transfer any file from Android to any other smartphone or even a computer. The app simply reduces the effort you would have to put manually in uploading the files to Dropbox, generating the link and then share it with your friend.