Google launched a new keyboard application called “Gboard” for iOS that features Google Search built-in to the keyboard itself and also it offers swipe-based typing and access to GIFs, emojis and word predictions. The “G” icon in the upper lefthand corner opens a window for you to search Google without leaving the keyboard and launching a browser or the Google app. From there with in a single tap you can search for things like flight times, news articles, restaurant and business listings, weather and more, and paste that information into your chat.

Gboard is an important launch for Google as today’s consumers spend the majority of the time on their phone using native mobile applications. According to eMarketer, mobile device users this year will spend 3 hours 15 minutes per day using apps versus just 51 minutes using the browser.

“We wanted to bring the best of Google to Gboard, so you’ll see Maps, Translate, image and video search, News and others,” says Rajan Patel, head of the product team that developed Gboard.

When it gets tapped, the information from the card immediately appears in your conversation, email, notepad or wherever else may be on your phone at the time and this is pasted as hyperlinked text, so you can do things like pull up the listing in Google Maps, phone a business etc..

In order to copy the actual card just tap on the “paste” button from “Edit” menu in iOS. While this is not hyperlinked (it’s an image), it presents the information in an attractive format, along with the included details, like business’s open hours and address, today’s temperature, flight times or whatever else you may have searched.

This app also supports GIF search. GIF search is powered by Google search and will surface GIF’s from a number of sources. To find a relevant GIF, you tap the emoji icon on your keyboard. So that you can access common emoji’s, but a button at the bottom lets you switch over to the GIF search section instead.

Now you’re offered a selection of reaction GIF categories, like “high five,” “thumbs up,” “hair flip,” “mic drop,” “shrug,” etc. You can also search for a GIF using keywords. If you find the appropriate one just copy and paste it in to your conversation.


Google made an interesting improvement to using emoji’s . First we used to scroll through various emoji screens instead of searching for a  term like “dance” or “wine”. Try using this term this app will returns you the matching emoji.

One big drawback to use this  Google’s keyboard over Apple’s default is that it can’t include a microphone for dictation and at the same time this app allows you to clear your search history and your personal dictionary. Searches on Gboard are sent to Google, and if there occurs some problems Google will  diagnose those  problems and also it notifies crashes that occured in Gboard etc..

Hope you like this post and this is the new arrival one and now this  new app is available only in English and download it in  iTunes App Store. To satisfy customer needs, this app will soon going to be exist in more languages with in few months.