Today we are going to make this extremely popular snack that is samosa. The samosa which is a conman snack in southern Asia has spread it roots all over the world and it is symbol of Indian snack in various country’s.

So we go make this samosa which is very popular in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Tibet.

How to make samosa and social samosa

To make  this samosa we have two preparations 1. Samosa upper crust dough 2. Samosa inner stuffing

To make this samosa dough we need…

  1. All purpose flour               3 cups
  2. Salt                                       pinch
  3. Oil                                        3 tbsp
  4. Carom Seeds                     1/4th tbsp

Take a flour in mixing blow add carom seeds and salt mix it and add 3 tbsp of oil to it. We are trying to make it like short crust when we mix this oil in this way each grain of this flour is coated with this fat(oil) what happen is when you fry this becomes nice &  crispy.

Add  little water don’t get tempted and add lot of water just sprinkle little by little water just few droplets and make a dough which is like a stiff dough let it rest for 15 mints

In a mean wile we going to make yummy potato masala to go inside the samosas.

To make this samosa inside stuffing we need..

  1. Boiled potatoes
  2. Turmeric
  3. Coriander leaves
  4. Green chilies
  5.  Coriander pwd
  6. Cumin pwd
  7. Cashew nuts
  8. Salt
  9. Chat masala
  10. Fresh lime juice
  11. Ginger Garlic paste
  12. Cumin seeds
  13. Red chili pwd

After boiled the potatoes cut them in to small pieces

When the pan and oil was hot add some cumin seeds + Ginger & Garlic paste + Green chilies and Cashew nuts let it fry for 2 mints until raw smell gone off.

Mean while take coriander pwd + cumin pwd+ red chili pwd in small bowl mix with little water. The reason I added water for I don’t get burn my masala, and add to the mixture.

Add little turmeric + coriander leaves and boiled potatoes to the mixture and add salt. In the last add little fresh lime juice it will give nice fresh taste and flavor for your mixture.

Make sure your masala is tasty.

To make nice samosa depended on size of samosa if you want a medium size samosa just take medium size samosa dough role.

How to make samosa and social samosa

Take some flour dust on wooden chopping board role out the dough in to circle shape. Once your circle shape is ready make it in to oval shape after you done with oval shape cut in the center take one part of dough apply little water all the edges and now make a triangle pockets by sticking two edges. Now take a potato stuffing put in it inside a triangle pocket and close the edges and stick it off.

How to make samosa and social samosa

How to make samosa and social samosa

For deep frying samosas pre-heat the oil to fry and cooked at 300°F or 149°C make sure fry them till nice color.

How to make samosa and social samosa

Is this one reason why samosas are so popular it is not only the crispy out side but it is yummy stuffing inside, If you eat samosa in Delhi it taste little different, if you have it in Punjab it taste little different, if you go to Madras it taste little different, Based on the local ingredients and local spices they use to make this masala differ from every palace but potato is common ingredient.