This post explains about the installation of android on iOS device. Many of the people who using iOS device need to boot android on their device. Such a way of booting is not easy. In this post, the reader will find the great way to install the android on their iOS device. This process involves medium level of difficulty. It can be suitable only for iphone 2G and 3G devices. It must be installed on the iOS 3 (version 1.2 to 4.1).

Cydia is one of the important application, which is needed during the process of installation. The process that are needed for installation was explained below.


Get started with cydia :

  • Open cydia application, click on the manage and source. Then the list will be found below. Download CYDIA from here
  • On the right side above, click on the edit button.
  • After clicking the button, the box appears on the left top side. Then the popup message will appear with URL.
  • Then add the link repo.neonkoala on the URL box.
  • The loading screen appears on the screen, which confirm the loading of request.
  • The loading screen should be minimized, then user will return back to cydia application.

Installation of bootlace :

  • After finishing the above process, download the bootlace on cydia application.
  • Bootlace can be downloaded by searching it on the search page of cydia.
  • After downloading, click the install button on the bootlace.
  • When installation can be done, the application will be closed.


Run bootlace in iOS device :

  • If bootlace is not installed before, it takes some time to start.
  • When the bootlace is installed, it is ready for process, search and download the kernel patch.
  • After selecting the right patch, restart the device and bootlace should be launched.

OpeniBoot and iDroid installation :

  • OpeniBoot is the software, which is used as the boot loader for iphone. (tutorial from reddit)
  • It also helps on the booting of android. It can be easily installed with the bootlace.
  • During this process, many warning appears with the messages. But the device should not be closed.
  • The installation of the software takes few minutes. After installing, the device is ready to install iDroid.
  • While installing the software, the device should not be connected with the another device. It will stop the operation.

Device is ready :

  • When the above process is completed successfully, visit the Quick boot tab. The android icon will appear on the boot tab.
  • By restarting the device, it will reboot with android and ready for the use.

how to bring android in IOS device very easily

After that the android application should be used on the iOS device. If anyone of the user willing to install android on their iOS device, the above steps should be done and use android on your device.