Nowadays, whatsApp is the most popular applications that provides an easy medium to communicate, exchange of music, videos, pictures, documents, contacts and even your current location. Whatsapp has an enormous number of active users reaching out to over 600 million. And it is available on multiple platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows. However the only aspect that hinders the path to complete freedom is the limited file size of attachments. Whether its a video, audio or a picture, you can’t exceed the 16 MB size limit.

Here are few steps that helps you to  increase the file size limit on whatsApp  files.

Guide Lines:

The two things you should keep in mind before proceeding is that, your device needs to be rooted and have root browser installed on it. So, it can be open and you  can  edit the file.

Root Browser is the ultimate file manager for rooted users. It explore all  Android’s file systems and take control of your Android device. It uses two file manager panels in the single app and allows you to create and delete file folders.

 Root Browser- screenshot thumbnail

To increase File Size Limit in WhatsApp :

Step 1: First whatsApp should be installed and the user should be logged in to the app.

Step 2: Now  open the Root Browser app.

Step 3: Grant  the Root permission after the message prompts.


Step 4: Open the file ‘data’ and press ‘data’ again.

Step 5: Open ‘com.WhatsApp’ folder and then the ‘shared_prefs’ folder. Here you will find the main file with the name of ‘com.WhatsApp_prefrences.xml’.


Step 6:  Now long tap on ‘com.WhatsApp_prefrences’ and press Open with.

Step 7: From the list of given apps in the window, open RB Text Editor.

Step 8: Here you can see the file opened with the text editor.


Step 9: And now you must find these key words from the text provided.

<int name=”media_limit_mb” value=”16″/>

Step 10: Then change the number 16 to your desired value.

Step 11: The numbers replaced are in MBs and should be set to the maximum of 2048.

Step 12: Now you should save it and exit the file.

Step 13: Reboot your device on time and enjoy increased file sharing on your whatsapp file.

Hope this post will be useful for all, sometimes you may or will be feel uncomfortable while sending large file size audios on videos on whatsapp, unfortunately it will not be receivable one for the receivers because of its size limit. But now whatsapp is available with the newer version that you can send any size videos or audios to your friends.

So its time for you to update the newer version of whatsapp.