Google create custom forms for surveys and questionnaires at no extra cost. It gather everything in a spreadsheet and analyze data right in Google Sheets. It is the best best tool for creating online forms and surveys.

 Follow these below 5 easy and simple steps to receive google forms data in an Email.

  1.  First install the Google Forms add-on, then click the add-on icon inside the Forms Editor. It is just like the shape of a puzzle icon. Now choose the Email Notification for Form menu and then click the Create New Rule  in the menu.
  2. Now  you can see the configuration window that open inside the form editor. Enter your full name or the sender’s name. Also specify the list of one or more email addresses  who should receive automatic email notifications when a form is submitted.
  3. If you like to send an auto-confirmation email to the form’s respondent after they submit the forms,  then check the Notify Submitter option. You will also need to select the question in your Google Form that asks the respondent for their email address.
  4. Noe go to the next screen and enter the subject line and message body of your email notification. You can customize the emails and include any of the form fields in the subject or body as explained in the next section of the message.
  5. Next click the Create Rule button to activate the form notification. Now you are able open your Google Form, and submit a test entry. Then go to your Gmail Sent Items folder to see the email notification that has gone out to the recipients.

To Create Customized Notification Emails

Here you can easily add the dynamic fields from the Google form into the email subject line and to the message body. If you have a question titled “Name” in the Google Form, you can include the template variable “Name” in the subject or body. And they will be automatically replaced with the actual data.


Other than your form fields, it add-on and also supports a few generic template variables like:

Variable Replaced with
{{Form Name}} Name (title) of your Google Form
{{Form Url}} Direct link to edit a user’s response
{{Response Number}} The current number of Form entry
{{All Answers}} Full response, formatted as a table

Format for Notification Emails with HTML

Form notification emails are created in HTML and you can use any HTML tags to format your emails. If you enclose the text inside <b>tag</b>, it will turn bold in the email while <em>tag</em> will italicize the text. Use the span tags to change the font color as the following :

<span style="color:green;background:yellow"> Thankyou  </span>

Hope you like this post and by following the above 5 steps you can definitely retrieve google forms data in an Email message with in a short span of time.