There are several methods available to deal the problem about how to change  the date in Google images. You can change the date of image that you are going to change before uploading them to Google Images or do it after the images are uploaded. The date and time settings of  “point and shoot” camera are set incorrectly because of some unexpected reasons of the users otherwise the digital camera of the users was stamping the files with local time though the pictures are shot in other country with a different time zone.

Suppose unexpectedly the user forgot to change the time of the camera in some cases, select one or more images and videos from the gallery and choose “Adjust Date and Time” from the Image menu. Here comes two methods that guides you to change the date in google photos.


How to change the date in Google images ?

There is a new feature to change the date of individual images or videos in Google Images.To use it navigate your move to the picture / video you want to set a new date.

STEP 1: Click the “information” icon.

STEP 2: In the right hand panel, hold your mouse over the item in Details which has a picture of the calendar.

STEP 3: Click on the pen icon which appears while you are holding and enter the year and month, date and/or time for your picture or video and then click Save.

You have now changed the date stored with your image or video.


1. Go to

STEP 1: Click on the images/video you want to change date.

STEP 2: At the right-hand side at the top click on the “i” icon.

STEP 3: In the pane at right you can change the date.

2. Change the date before you upload the pictures using the Picasa go to

STEP 1: Select the photos/movies you want to change the date.

STEP 2: Go to “Tools”/”Adjust date and time.”

STEP 3: If you want to use the “File creation date”, use this free EXIF tool available on this link.

We all know that iPhoto or Picasa software simply set the date and time of a photo to another time zone, EXIF Tool can “shift” the data and time values associated with a picture. EXIF Tool will produce a copy of the photo before updating the time. The tool is free and now available on Windows, Mac and Linux(mostly on all operating systems).

Depending on file type (.jpg, or .tiff) of the image, operating system and its  version that you are running, the date may be listed as the “Camera Date” or the “File Date” property.