Siri (Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface) is a virtual assistant, artificial intelligence program built in in various iOS devices and iPhone. It uses sequential inference and contextual awareness to help perform personal tasks.

  1. Siri Can Do Math..
  2. Raise To Speak.
  3. Location Based Reminders.
  4. Search Emails and check dates.
  5. Post To Twitter Or Facebook.



Siri can do all the mathematical operations include both simple and complex. We can ask Siri to solve problems by saying the questions. The most attractive feature of  Siri is it can do quick decisions on the question.


The simplest forms of Siri calculation used as follows:

  • Number + Number
  • Number / Number
  • Number * Number
  • Number – Number

Addition and subtraction: Siri will returns the follow number line showing movements to the sum.

Multiplication of large numbers, Siri returns the answer and also a number line that shows any potential exponents.

 In Division, Siri provides the answer, reduces the fraction, gives the number as a decimal, and shows it has a mixed fraction.


The siri will do the value of mathematical constants as follows:
Inorder  to Calculate percentages siri will do:
  Square roots can be calculated as:

Calculate reciprocals :

Siri will perform  the unit conversions:
Perform arithmetic on a string of integers  as the following :

Performs the arithmetic on the fractions:

Performs  the complex calculations:

Siri does not respond with the answer, but also with a host of other data such as unit conversions or different presentations of data which helps to give complete idea about that. It will always show you what it understood for the original question, so you can verify that it understood it or not and then  you  can correctly perform the computations on the proper input you given.